“All about the guy “

Hi everyone!!

My name is Ruben Banogbanog a twenty years old student in the University of Cebu main campus taking up BSIE Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. Welcome everyone to my blog this is all about a guy who love to learn new things. This guy is a tall ,dark but not handsome 😂 ohh I’m sorry 😌 but you do note (you didn’t know) guyz that this guy is a big kindly hearted person he love to help others. And this guy is a adventurous he love to climb mountains and swim every ocean cause you are the reason 🎶oh no it looks like I’m singing now 😂 . Talking about singing also this guy is a legit singer actually this guy is a total package let me say 🤔 because beside in singing he dance like a Gary V. I almost forget this guy love dogs he actually have 3 dogs a labrador, doberman and a shih tzu.

When he was a kid he dream to be a doctor to help those people who are in sick and unable to pay for hospital bills and specialy to help his family. Unfortunately his doctorate did not take him to college because of lack of money so what he did he study hard to become an CIE Certified Industrial Engineering someday. He loves his family so much everything he does for his family.

He’s bible verse is ” Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed for God is with you wherever you go.” -Joshua 1:9

The guy we talking about is no other than its me Ruben Banogbanog. Thank you guy’s for reading and God bless us all.

This pictures taking in the Kawasan falls in South Badian and in the Viga Pit in Toledo City. Those peole with me in this pictures is my friends a travel buddies.
This picture taken last May 23, 2019 that guy beside me is my brother. This picture I join a pageant in our sitio which is Ginoong Suba 2019 I win the title. I joined it just for fun but beside in winning the Ginoong Suba I also grab the award best in talent my talent that time is singing.

Meet my brothers in other form this dogs gives me happiness. They have there names the first picture his name is Max a Labrador, then Prince the shits zu and the last one but the biggest of them all he is Mojo a doberman . But sadly Mojo is gone last 2months 😢 he died so early he only 1 year and half months. He died because of parvovirus. I missed him so much 😢